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The rankings business is cutthroat and expensive. Nothing we do comes cheap. Our supercomputer, The Mighty Max, is a hungry user of electricity, and keeping its juices flowing costs $4,000,003 dollars annually. We had to move our offices (at great expense and effort) from California to North Carolina to reduce our energy bills. Then we moved them back because the thick North Carolina summer air was fouling our brains and the spark plugs on The Mighty Max.

Then there are the basic necessities. We can't live on air alone. While we derive considerable revenue from our Special Services Division, we cannot exist without your loving and welcome support.

If every high school senior, every tuition paying parent, and every college professor would donate a mere dollar a year to CRS, we would have it made in the shade. But sadly, not everyone who uses our service pays. It's time to stop feeling guilty and mail that tax deductible check to: College Ranking Service, Box 19302, Stanford, CA 94309. Do it now and you'll feel better instantly.