Special Services

CRS knows that college presidents everywhere are under a great deal of stress. It can be tough out there and without a high ranking in some aspect of your college, the world can be a rotten place.

No one in their right mind would either donate to or attend a loser school. And we know that while you may look like a loser to others, deep inside you possess the heart of a champion! That's why CRS Special Services was created, just for champions like you.

You've read the business plans of the retired CEO genius from General Electric, Jack Welch. You know that you should ditch every aspect of your college that isn't highly ranked. But when you look at your school, you find that you'd have to ditch the whole enchilada, not a pleasing prospect. We offer you a better alternative, one that Jack Welch personally has endorsed.

Special Services goes beyond the 629 factors that constitute our patented ranking system and finds something, anything, at which your college excels in comparison to others. We look high and low for that one distinguishing characteristic that we can identify that makes your college stand out. And when we find it, you become a winner!

We present your college with a certificate attesting to your top ten standing in that category and write a press release from CRS headquarters signed by the Director.

So if you are tired of being treated like the 98 pound weakling of higher education, don't delay. Contact CRS Special Services at 1-650-COLLEGE and we will go to work for you immediately!